Iron Gods: Session summaries and some adaptations

There are always changes to adventure paths. No plot survives contact with the players, after all. I don’t want to do a session write-up, here. Not exactly. I do want to record some of the changes and left-turns that have been made. I’ll probably spoil some things, although I’m pretty sure that none of my players read this blog, so I’m not worried about it for them. Still, consider this fair warning. What follows is a brief session-by-session breakdown, with some thoughts about each, particularly places where we diverged from the adventure-as-written, why that happened, and what came of it.

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Iron Gods Session 0


The first session of our Iron Gods game consisted of five hours of character creation, after which everyone hung out for another five hours (!) talking about characters, while we had dinner and put the kids to bed.

Only one person rolled her character completely randomly, but everyone got use out of the easy-to-follow lists with links. The only problems we had were introduced by the “Singular Curiosity” list. One player rolled “you are a changeling,” and couldn’t figure out how to make that work with her back-story.

We started out talking about the group template, which I’m a big fan of. The group didn’t end up with a firm template (like a military unit or extended family), but starting the conversation with the template (before looking at any other aspect of character creation) encouraged people to think about how their characters are connected. There’s a web of connections between the characters, and it looks like they’ll have real reasons to stay together when the chips are down. Most importantly, everyone has a connection to Khonnir Baine, in some way, whatever background they rolled or chose.

Four characters, and using the character sheet as a teaching tool

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