Four Arms and a Bad Attitude: Thrake PC Race for 5E

Converting Iron Gods to Pathfinder is a labor of love, and I’m glad that there are other excellent blogs out there doing the same work I’m doing.

Dungeonmusings is doing some nice conversions of races and classes. I’m using his android and gunslinger conversions, and they’re great.

The Lazy Dungeon Master is a beautiful blog with a lot of after-action write-ups. The conversions are a little more Warhammer 40k than I’m going, but there’s a lot of great stuff.

Daemons and Deathrays has moved on from the sci-fi conversions, but there is some really great stuff in the archives. I especially like the bear-people race.

Paizo has been pretty clear about their desire not to produce material for 5th Edition, and I have great respect for that. With that in mind, whenever I’ve changed something proprietary of theirs (like a named race), I’ve changed the name. This isn’t about owning it myself, since I don’t think that I could publish 5th Edition content for money, right now, even if I wanted to. It’s all about respecting what I think are the wishes of the people who own the games I love.

With that in mind, the kasatha thrake race: four-armed desert dwelling nomads from a far-off world that is in no way the Mars of Edgar Rice Burroughs. (No one is clear on how it’s pronounced. Is it “thrak” with a long “a”? Is it with a short “a” and a short “e”? Is the “e” silent? No idea. I’m inclined towards the first, so that it sounds like a stone hitting a wall. Like “thwack.” Invent your own fun pronunciations!)

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Character Creation, Part 2

Last time, I wrote about the options for randomly rolling characters, and the motivation for it. The last two “random rolling” options for character creation were classes and “singular curiosities.” I put some strict limits on the classes, for both power reasons and flavor reasons. I don’t want to have badly-written Moon Circle Druids making the rest of the party feel useless, and I also don’t think that Warlocks or Monks fit the setting (for the most part). I added a few classes: the Mesmerist, the Kineticist, the Shaman Warlock pact, the Gunslinger, the Swashbuckler Monk, and the Artificer Cleric. I’ll talk about some of those, later. Any links that go to classes that I’m working on (Mesmerist, Kineticist, some of the archetypes), will be their own posts, at some point.

The classes all linked to on-line resources, either a blog that proposed them (if they were a new class), or an Obsidian Portal site that detailed their features (for the PHB classes). All of my players have a PHB, but I figured that it would make life easier to have links to the information, as well.

Next time: how the “random rolling” worked out during the first session, and what we decided on.

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