Gunslinger Paths


As a gunslinger advances, they choose one or more paths to follow. Those who follow one path gain more power, while those who choose from different paths trade power for versatility. The Path of Lightning and the Path of Thunder represent two poles of the gunslinger’s existence: speed and accuracy. Some gunslingers tread between the two, while others devote themselves wholly to one road. Whatever path the gunslinger takes, their enemies can look forward to a death in thunder and fire.

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Prestige Class: Gunslinger

It’s been a busy month, and posting kind of got away from me. I’ve been working on this for a while, and I’m pretty proud of it. I love the idea of the prestige class in 5e, and even though I know some people aren’t so keen on it, I think it opens up a lot of possibilities, without limiting anything. Recently, I considered a bunch of new rules for firearms, trying to better represent the way guns really work. I wanted to do something similar with the gunslinger. The whole point of guns is that anyone can use them, so anyone should be a gunslinger. It shouldn’t be limited to fighters or rangers (though they  might be better at it). Making “gunslinger” an archetype of fighter closes that door. Why can’t rogues shoot a gun, or sorcerers? The prestige class is the prefect answer.

Enter: the gunslinger prestige class!

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