Iron Gods: Torch

I was planning on writing a recap of the sessions so far, and the changes that I’ve made to the adventure, but I’ll save that for next month, when we’ll have finished Fires of Creation and started Lords of Rust. Instead, today is all about Torch.

My party were almost all from Torch. One of them is an android who had been in Torch since its founding, and is friends with Dolga Feddert. Two of them grew up there. Four of them were close to Khonnir Baine. Having a fleshed-out Torch was essential, for us. With that in mind, I took all of the major locations and NPCs listed in the town write-up and went a little further with them.

In 5e, it’s possible to use Charisma (Persuasion) to figure out someone’s Ideal/Bond/Flaw with a few minutes of talking and a Wisdom (Insight) roll. Playing on the ideal/bond/flaw grants advantage on future Charisma (Persuasion) rolls. This could be important for haggling, asking favors, or finding out information. With this in mind, I wrote up all of the listed NPCs and locations and worked out bonds and flaws for them, in case the characters interacted with them. So far, my players haven’t interacted with the town much, at all, but it was fun building this, and I’m ready if they do.

True to the spirit of 5e, there are no magic items for sale in town. In the Guildhall, however, it is possible to buy items made from skymetals. That seemed like a fun way to keep the prohibition on selling magic while still giving Torch a unique flavor: these items won’t be for sale anywhere else, or they will be much more expensive. In Torch, however, adamantine weapons are relatively easy to make, and easier to purchase.


  1. Iven’s Livery:
    • Iven Lesky and Annika
    • Retired tracker, buys and sells horses, the couple is currently cleaning the stables and singing a beautiful duet. They look like a rugged pair, with taught muscles and long hair pulled into ponytails.
    • Iven is brusque but straightforward, Annika is quiet but confident. Neither of them says much, but they complete each others’ sentences.
    • Ideals/ bonds: Both believe that people should live and let live, but are fiercely protective of one another.
  1. General Store:
    • Inkrit Kollisun (female human)
    • Stock: five trauma packs, filter mask, lighter, zipstick (3 charges, 6gp)
    • Inkrit is friendly, and always looking for a deal. She will always haggle, but is interested in technological items. If presented with working, non-timeworn tech, she can be persuaded to pay full price.
    • Flaw: Fear of gnomes
  1. Silverdisk Hall:
    • Garmen Ulreth (NE male human rogue 5)
    • 20 human thugs, 5 half-orcs, 3 half-elves
    • Ulreth paints beautifully, and his works hang on the walls of Silverdisk Hall. When he speaks, he enunciates every word with excess precision. When first interacting with the PCs, he is friendly, if a bit lecherous, but that turns to impatience as they interfere with his plans.
    • Ideal: Greed. Bond: Pursues wealth.
    • Flaw: Working to destroy the town
  1. The Merrymaid
    • Wrennie Dallorn (half-elf bard)
    • Wrennie: rumored to be the daughter of an elven prince and a priestess of Calistria, actually a Daggermark poisoner. Being blackmailed by Ulreth, but looking to get out from under him. Might present the PCs with information about where to find him. Wrennie is average-looking, but attentive. She seems to be able to listen to multiple conversations, even from across the room. She is simultaneously warm and businesslike.
    • Ideals/ bonds: She wants to protect both the people who work for her and keep her secret. It is becoming increasingly difficult to do both.
    • Workers: 8 human, 2 dwarf, 1 half-orc, 1 halfling, 2 gnome, 3 half-elf, 3 elf, 2 android (3/4 female)
    • Guards: 3 human, 3 half-orc 3 halfling
  1. The Copper Coin
    • Lawton & Katina Rimos (human siblings)
    • Staff: 2 halflings, 7 humans, 1 gnome chef
    • Lawton runs the kitchen, and his dishes are as exotic as they are legendary. Katina tends bar, serving a wide variety of beer she brews in the basement.
    • They engage in a constant stream of mostly good-natured teasing. Both are Kellid: dark haired and wiry.
    • Flaw: Lawton is secretly in love with Alex. Katina has a drinking problem.
  1. Garrison and Armory
    • Captain Aaronlu Langer (LN human fighter 4)
    • Langer has a reputation as an incorruptible cop: she can’t be bribed, a hard-line law-and-order type. All she cares about is the letter of the law, and enforcing the council’s regulations. She also has a reputation as a robot fighter, but is having an affair with an android (flaw).
    • Langer looks like Mariska Hargitay from SVU, but with a pair of adamantine swords.
    • Guards: 82 human, 7 dwarf, 2 half-orc, 2 half-elf, 1 elf, 1 android
  1. Olandir Estate
    • Councilor Serantha Olandir
    • Anti-crime crusader, husband killed by muggers. Wants to get rid of Ulreth, but in such a way that another crime boss doesn’t move in. Charismatic and influential. Looks like Stockard Channing.
    • Olandir has a perfect memory and great charisma, both of which serve her well on the council. She is prone to staring into the distance, as though lost in thought or experiencing a moment of deep sorrow. Her experiences have made her suspicious by nature, but she is interested in the greater good (ideal), and dedicated to fulfilling her goal of breaking the back of Ulreth’s thieves’ guild (bond). She is single-minded where Ulreth is concerned, and may sacrifice her principles to bring him down, if the opportunity presents itself (flaw)
  1. Otterbie Manor
    • Councilor Bazlundi Otterbie
    • Leader of consortium of smithies, as was her father.
    • Otterbie is a brilliant metalworker, and has a booming voice, so that she can be heard over the sound of the forge.
    • She is motivated by greed and by a desire to do what’s best for the town and her guild-members.
    • When the torch goes out, she starts working with Kyte to deal with the town’s waste disposal problem.
    • Flaw: Doesn’t want her daugher to marry the no-good Gerrol Sonder.
  1. Weeping Pond
    • Poisoned water source leaking from beneath the Black Hill
  1. Crowfeather Palace
    • Built by Baine to purify the water from the Weeping Pond
  1. Market Square
    • Displays of weapons, art, and metallic items can be found in the many stalls, here. Most of the vendors are non-locals, and any local vendors will be working without the protection or blessing of the guild, which can be a dangerous proposition.
  1. Foundary Tavern
    • Councilor Khonnir Baine
    • Val Baine
    • Val is a blond Kellid who seems extremely mature for her age, effectively running the bar and tavern with her father missing. She was orphaned in Starfall and had to grow up fast, even before Kohnnir adopted her and started training her to work a forge.
    • Tavern always busy
    • Space in foundry rented out to visiting smiths
    • Staff: the staff are all extremely loyal to Khonnir and treat Val with respect and affection.
    • If PCs save Val and agree to go after Khonnir, she offers them space in the tavern to crash and heal in between expeditions. She knows all about the failed expeditions, particularly the followers of Brigh, who were regulars for as long as they were in town. She’s sad they haven’t come back, but understand that that’s life.
  1. Tempting Tonics
    • Jhestine Imierin
    • Half Snowcaster, used to spend a lot of time curing Weeping Pond-related illnesses. White hair, almost translucent skin, chilly demeanor.
    • Currently offers a wide
range of poisons, antitoxin, healing potions, and a
 few pharmaceuticals (cureall, all 
four grades of hemochem, and two doses of cardioamp) and a few medlances.
    • Flaw: secretly resents Crowfeather Palace, and worries that she has no place in the town, now.
    • Ideal: is researching pharmaceuticals in an effort to learn to create them, herself
  1. Seven Tears Farms
    • Celda Veed
    • Veed owns all of the farms, which feed the entire town, and do so more effectively since Crowfeather Palace was built. She leases the land to sharecroppers.
    • Veed is focused on the people and community of Torch (ideal & bond), with a terrible taste in dangerous men (flaw).
  1. Town Hall
    • Meeting on Oathday, hall frequently used to gatherings and dances
  1. Chapel of the Wanderer
    • Mylan Radli (cleric of Pharasma)
    • Graveyard, tended by Radli, who also blesses those passing through. “Whatever their faith, all are Pharasma’s children, in the end.” He is a somber, quiet man with a voice and manner like Vincent Price. “Our Lady of Graves welcomes all into her embrace.”
      Common phrases: “All who live must face her judgment.” “Not this year, not yet.” “The Lady shall keep it.”
    • Flaw: tends a chapel to a god no one worships in a town where religion is an afterthought because he doesn’t like the idea of working too hard. It gives him time to feed his gambling addiction.
  1. Temple of Brigh
    • Councilor Joram Kyte (cleric of Brigh 6)
    • flare gun, brown scatterlight suit (200gp) a scroll of find traps, three scrolls of restoration, a scroll of raise dead, and a scroll of rebuke technology
    • Kyte, more smith than priest, is friendly, and always seems to be working on some project (often, the “services” seem to be excuses to get free labor on his latest big project). Brigh is the most popular deity in town. Kyte doesn’t sermonize, letting work speak for itself.
    • Kyte believes that everyone can be redeemed, seeks to serve the town, and is obsessive about the state of his workshop.
  1. Evercandle Inn
    • Councilor Soceal Murgrave proprietor.
    • Attendant: Erlmon Reverstoudt (transmuter wizard 3)
    • Ever-burning alchemical candles line the walls and tables. Soceal is warm and welcoming, though clearly getting on in years. Erimon is slightly colder, though clearly cares deeply for her.
    • Murgrave: Despite her age, Murgrave plays a mean game of darts. Currently, she is overly irritable, due to constant headache, since the torch went out. Her core ideal is knowledge, and she makes a point of talking to each guest for some time during their stay. She is extremely protective of Reverstoudt, and will give up much to help him, should he need it.
    • Reverstoudt: Erimon is excellent at impersonations, and can do a more-than-passable impression of everyone on the council. He is prone to pacing particularly when concerned, as he is now, about Soceal’s health. He tends to be quiet, until he gets to know people, and is intensely loyal to Murgrave, in both ideal and bond.
    • Flaws: SM: longs for a past that cannot be reclaimed. ER: low self-worth.
    • Sanvil Trett keeps a room here when he is in town, and arranges meetings with the PCs in the common room of the inn.
  1. Boarding House
    • Agren Maust
    • Nine buildings around a central hub. Temporary rental housing for scavengers, adventurers and merchants.
    • Maust is short, for a human, but capable (and very willing) of drinking everyone under the table. When bored, he taps his fingers absentmindedly, but is generally cheerful.
    • Ideal/ bond: Neutrality/ family
    • Flaw: drunk most of the time, but holds it so well that it’s hard to tell
  1. Warehouse District
    • Northeast portion of town
  1. Torch Guildhouse
    • Otterbie’s guild artisans meet here
    • In shop (in addition to regular weapons and armor): siccatite longsword (+1d4 cold damage, deals 1 cold damage to wielder), a mithral-inlaid heavy crossbow with a metal tension string (worth 500 gp), a large supply of adamantine bolts (worth 50 gp each), an adamantine dagger (ignores object hardness, worth 250gp), an adamantine breastplate (worth 300gp), mithral scale mail (worth 300gp), and a noqual shield (worth 500gp – grants proficiency on all saves against magic, but must save against helpful magic, as well)
  1. Dolga’s Foundry
    • Councilor Dolga Feddert
    • 20 dwarves
    • Dolga helped found Torch, and was one of the first to experiment with using the flame to work metals. She is protective of her family and her town, and while she shares power well, she sees the place as “hers.”
    • Ideal: Community. Bond: Loyal to her family and fellow councilors. Flaw: Resentful of her age and inability to wield her hammer any longer.
  1. Junkyard
    • Junkmaster Garritt Burrwaddle
    • Eerie bleachling gnome collects and scavenges junk, and will buy broken items. Knows exactly where all of his items are at all times. Entirely white hair and skin and a preternaturally calm demeanor mask a genuine interest in the goings-on of the world around him, but it is interesting that he never turns his junk into inventions of his own.
    • Ideal/ Bond: Greed (for useless objects)/ Connected to junkyard.
    • Flaw: Dying
  1. Black Hill
    • Smeltrunner Oskah Unteret (CR 5)
    • Coordinates access to the flame and ensures merchants pay the appropriate tribute to the town’s treasury.
    • She hates the Technic League, but loves the Black Sovereign.
    • Ideal: Domination. Bond: Idealizes Sovereign.
    • Flaw: Any insult or possible insult directed at the Black Sovereign is met with violence.

Next time: Tentacles A Go-Go! 5e versions of the choker and the rhu-chalik


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